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400 Clicks        $1.50/click

500 Clicks        $1.50/click

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1000 Clicks        $1.40/click

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1500 Clicks        $1.20/click

1700 Clicks        $1.20/click

2000 Clicks        $1.20/click

2250 Clicks        $1.10/click

2500 Clicks        $1.10/click

2700 Clicks        $1.10/click

3000 Clicks        $1.10/click

Here’s What You Do Next

  • Simply choose a traffic package that best suites your marketing budget. The bigger the traffic package, the more money you save!
  • After you choose a traffic package our friendly staff will contact you and confirm a time and date the traffic will be delivered on your behalf.
  • Send us your tracking link (we track your clicks to make sure you get exactly what you ordered)
  • Now sit back and relax and watch a river of the highest quality Internet traffic flow directly to your offer.
    That’s it!

We could have added a Step 5 for “Rince and Repeat” but that would have been a tad bit presumptious of us.


Note: we aren’t responsible from any sudden heart failure that may occur as a result from the excitement you feel.

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Some facts on our HighEndTraffic Packages

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Here's “the Skinny”

We ourselves are Internet Marketers and built our highly responsive network which not only provides targeted website traffic, but also helps us to keep our prices affordable. We want you to succeed with our traffic. We want you to dominate your market, your success is our success and we will do everything in our power to help you, each step of the way.

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